All These Things I've Done (Birthright, #1) Author: Gabrielle Zevin

Paperback: 354 pages

Publication: September 6, 2011

Anya has had a hard life. Her mother was shot while driving with her older brother and was killed. Her brother’s brain was permanently damaged, leaving him childlike in a grown man’s body. Her father was murdered at their home, leaving her, and her siblings to be raised by her grandmother. What can you expect from a mafia family. Her family runs the chocolate disturbance business, only a problem is that in the United States its illegal to sell or be in possession of chocolate. Some parts of the world it is not banned. She has been taking care of her family since her grandmother got sick. All Anya wants to do is complete another year of school without any problems. When her ex-boyfriend fell deathly ill due to the chocolate she gave him, she has to face authorities without help from her family. She will learn the hard way who is friend and who is her enemy.

I loved the style of this book. It was captivating yet heart warming all at the same time. I hate and love Anya’s attitude through out the book. I loved her strong will attitude, at times hated her stubbornness, especially towards her love interest. I loved her loyalty to her family. There were many great things about this novel, but I times I wished things would have a different outcome. I am definitely going to read the next one, because I really liked it.

I rate this book 4/5 stars!