CruxAuthor: Julie Reece

Paperback: 285 pages

Publication: July 19, 2012

Crux is about a homeless, orphan girl named Birdie. She has been through the foster system many times, where each environment taught her something new from cars to proper etiquette.

Hungry and tired Birdie bumps into Jeff who gives her money and a curse. Well running from some guys, she meets the rich and well breed Mathews. Their handsome son, Grey, offers to help her get away. Amazed by his kindness, Birdie agrees to go with him. Even though Birdie is grateful for his help, she doesn’t tell him about why she is being chased or about her past. After getting away, she leaves the comfort that she feels with Grey thinking that she will never see him again, or so she thought.

Crux is filled with romance, loyality, family values, and supernatural elements. You will fall in love with Grey, and Birdie’s characters. I loved the humor and adventure that Reece shows throughout this novel. I only wish that there would be a sequel to see what becomes of Birdie and Grey budding romance.

I rate this book 5/5 stars!